Thursday, 17 October 2013

NBI: Poetry Slam

Lady Syl comes up with some interesting ideas sometimes.

If I was at my desktop right now with an active WoW susbscription (it ran out) I would post a screenshot of the lovely poem she sent me. I sent her a wonderful Christmas present in the mail with a an equally adorable poem attached to it. She replied in a suitable manner.

Here's a handful of things I've come up with. I had a damn good haiku in the plane to Suriname but I was sleepy and didn't bother writing it down. A familiar mistake I make all too often with composing music, too.
So without further ado, here are my contributions.

A Wind Waker at Sea
Sailing upon a vast sea
An innocent Bokoblin stands
Who does he think he is, with that silly spyglass?
"Give me your Joy Pendant!" I plea


Warcraft Behavior

Bustling city here
Much to do and see in town
Just stand and idle



In a Galaxy, far far away
There was a Mon Calamari
who healed and played music each day
Always running with a carbine at hand
Always jealous of the Teras Kasi band
A harvester here, a harvester there 
the burden of being a Combat Medic had him grow hair!
This fish ends his tale in a humble house called home
where memories of planets and hunting can be found in a tome

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  1. BIG STICK foreva!
    nice contributions mate, happy to see you participating in this. :)