Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Meeting the Jazz Panda!

Hello one and all and welcome to my blog! I am a humble gamer and Jazz pianist by profession and education. An odd combination certainly; I've yet to find one like myself in this aspect.

Rather than giving you an extensive introduction to who I am, my likes and dislikes, I will simply mention what I'd like to write about in the future on this blog. You can get to know me along the way!

As game design philosophy fascinates me I will be sure to write a piece or two with that theme in mind. World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 are recent favorites, but it's probably safe to say that I'm generally interested in (MMO)RPG's.
Fun fact: I used to be one of Syl's slaves healing buddies in WoW in our guild, Adrenaline.

Furthermore I'll be writing about gaming in general and music. The music stuff could get slightly technical, but that's just because I tend to geek out when it comes to Jazz. Naturally, these elements (music and games) will be mixed together. Occasionally you will see me post one of my creations/covers from my youtube channel and you might be familiar with one that, while extremely old, has apparently been viewed many times! The channel is very rusty but I'm trying to breathe some life in to it.

Jazz and pandas are two of my favorite things in life, and just how the combination of jazz and games is a bit odd, this blog is sure to be more of the same odd stuff.



  1. Yay, first to comment!
    welcome to the blogosphere old buddy - happy to finally see you give blogging a try! =) let me know if you need any assistance with blogger sometime.

    I must have missed your YT channel somehow but I just subscribed. LOVE your Brink of Time improv! <3 I look forward to your insights on music in combination with gaming, that's a brilliant combo we see rarely enough.
    talk soon,

  2. <3 Finally fixed commenting, apparently it's a browser issue in Firefox I have to figure out still. Using Safari until then.

    Blogger is a bit odd. I think I'll have to dive back in to HTML so I can fix formats if needed because it's a bit inconsistent.